About the MEF

The Munich European Forum as a non-profit society is mainly focussing on the organization of the annual conference Brussels European Forum. This conference is bringing together students from various European and Non-European countries to confront issues of trans-European, Atlantic and global significance. The conference, held in Leuven, Belgium, gives students the opportunity to debate current political questions, to simulate the political decision-making processes of international organisations and to meet policy-makers and experts.

Through this process, the Forum helps to further the participants’ understanding of the issues faced by  international institutions presented at the conference. It helps bringing students, policy-makers and politicians closer together; both through simulating high-level political debates, and through meetings and discussions with representatives and members of the institutions. The diversity of the student base enables cross- cultural dialogue and the development of new friendships.
All of this is accompanied by the academic and scientific input provided by the Academic Council, the advisory board of the Munich European Forum. The high level of the conference is assured by the practical experience of the conference staff, who has attended various past conferences. The Association counts amongst its members graduates and post-graduates from a range of universities from across Europe and various other countries.